about us

The acronym LAPAS stands symbolically for an organization founded in 2012 on Lanzarote, refounded 2017 in Tarifa.
Aligning ourselves with a philosophy about the need to consider all social, geological, ecological and aesthetic aspects of development, LAPAS will generate ideas, concepts and plans for the future growth of their surroundings.

LAPAS will act as an open model for the design and international discussion of sustainable development, one that is socially and ecologically acceptable in the eyes of its inhabitants and as an example for tourism. In addition, LAPAS cooperates with the art aspects art society and the VON ERLENBACH KUNSTSCHULE in Berlin as well as with other organisations and institutions that will aid and inform the discussion.

As a free art project LAPAS works in the fields of consultation, further education, active participation and the support of interdisciplinary scientific works. In keeping with its stated disciplines, LAPAS also seeks to combine contemporary art methods and attitudes with developments in new architecture and archeology as a part of the cultural inheritance in order to implement an ecologically recognised and overall economic plan for different locations.