LAPAS endeavors to pursue artistic programs and enable a process of synergy between the areas of art, science and education. LAPAS works predominantly within the practice of contemporary art and uses this as its foundation when developing the outlets of presentation, seminar lectures, conferences, exhibitions and workshops. Within these activities however, LAPAS would like to initiate a complementary exchange/crossover into the world of science, as manifest in the areas of architecture, cultural inheritance and sustainability.

At the core of our practice lies the question: to what extent can aspects of contemporary art contribute to the development of our social, cultural and/or political life? To further advance on this discussion, we aim to develop a base from which an intercultural dialogue on these topics can be formed and by providing a network of workshops, seminars, trainings and conferences on Lanzarote we hope to benefit the creative potentiality of those involved. The activities on offer will focus their concern on the progression of adult education-within the fields of cultural training and creativity-, collaboration with European-wide academies and an exchange between the arts and sciences.

In the past projects it has been shown that the forms of art as a spiritual science approach can be more effectively, more sustainably and better experienced if the links to meditative elements are linked in the workshops. For the coming projects, we have therefore decided to take account of these experiences through the combination of art and meditation.

Sustainability/Archeology as part of Art and the cultural heritage
The work of LAPAS is internationally oriented. Thus, questions of archeology bind as part of the cultural heritage not alone at the local level in, but discuss them in dialogue with the international visitors and participants of our events and developments, respectively, changes in the cultural heritage in the countries from which the participants arrive.

As an organization with a deep-rooted sympathy for the developing Europe, LAPAS also faces issues around the development of a common European cultural heritage and on the basis of the retention of individual and independent developments in the individual countries.

In this respect we have a fundamental right that all people living on the basis of their own culture and work and thus to secure their livelihood, their education and health care. As far as we need to, we have to stand openly with these issues facing the given years-long crisis in Europe.

With internationally oriented seminars, workshops and projects, we will raise issues which leads to a greater awareness of the need as receipt of the cultural heritage and archeology.