LAPAS directs its work upon the artistic, ecological, social, economic and cultural aspects of society and nature. The work of LAPAS will be informed and developed using the perspectives of contemporary art, cultural inheritance, architecture of landscapes, archaelogy as well as social and economic development, and their complementary interlinking to one another.

The international organization LAPAS, based in Tarifa, is a center for artistic and scientific exchange as well as a center for workshops, seminars and further education. LAPAS works on concepts and ideas for the realization of the sustainability of the arts as well as aspects that touch on areas of agricultural architecture and archeology as part of the cultural heritage.

Originally founded in Lanzarote, LAPAS now has its headquarters in Tarifa. Even if we are still connected to the island of Lanzarote, the projects have become more and more established in an international environment. Apart from Tarifa and Lanzarote, most project designers are based in Berlin.

Lapa botanically refers to burdock, zoologically the limp. Both Lapa have the ability to stick and not let go. We have adopted this property with our projects. In the long term, we are working on changing the state of mind and trying to achieve an accelerated change, whether it be in relation to the nature or the sustainability of our approach.
Starting point was the Canary Island Lanzarote. The northernmost of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote, effects many visitors mostly repellent rather than inviting. The barren landscape with its rugged rocks and the lack of green acts for many initially resistant and less accessible. We consider these conditions perfect for working, it is possible to keep a clear head in the shelter of the palms. This could also be why the widest known people of the island, intellectuals, artists and scientists either came from or withdrew here.

Meanwhile, the field of action has also expanded in the mainland Spain and with the organization art aspects in Berlin at a European level, thus gaining a broader international profile.